SpryWare is the premier provider of fully managed Ticker Plant Technology. Our Ultra Low Latency feed handlers and direct market data technology process millions of messages each second on the smallest possible hardware footprint. “We Deliver Higher Throughput Smarter”.

  • Core Technology

    Throughout our products the foundation is the SpryWare technology, a purpose built set of software processes written specifically for today’s market data challenges.

  • SpryWare DMS™

    DMS is our dedicated feed handler product, a fully managed Ticker Plant for all your Equities, Options and Futures data needs. Available in either a hosted or deployed environment.

  • SpryWare Proximity Cloud

    Our Cloud solution is an all-in-one offering that includes hosting, data and ticker plant technology in our proximity hosted data center. Optimal for the client with a smaller data set consumption.

  • SpryWare HDS™ OnDemand

    The Historical Data Store, HDS, is an enterprise solution for tick data collection and storage. Every trade and quote is indexed and stored real-time for faster retrieval and queries.